How to handle and install DEIMOS filters

Procedure and Components

De Clarke, UCO/Lick, Jan 2002

[picture of a person holding a DEIMOS filter]

DEIMOS filters are of moderate size. Each filter lives permanently in a filter-holder, and the filter holder is barcoded. The instrument database contains information about each filter and associates the filter data with the barcode. If a new DEIMOS filter is added to the inventory, it must either replace an existing filter in an existing holder (and the database information for that barcode must be replaced) or it must have a new holder with a new barcode (and new data must be entered for the new barcode and associated filter).

DEIMOS filter holders are drilled and tapped for two thumbscrews which attach a carrying handle. This handle should always be used when loading and unloading filters. [photo of carry handle, filter without handle, filter with handle]

Handles are stored in the filter case, in their own section of the case to the right. It is important to keep them isolated in this section so there is no chance of them rattling around and damaging the stored filters. There are thre handles.

Every filter holder should have a sticker on it indicating the correct orientation of the filter when loaded. The small label showing an arrow and the word "LIGHT" indicates the direction of light passing through the filter. When you are standing at the filter loading position, the arrow should point to your right.

The filter wheel protrudes from the barrel of DEIMOS in a protective housing. The access hatch is long and thin. [photo of wheel housing and access hatch]

To gain access to the filter wheel, rotate the instrument to about [insert PA here] and open the hatch. To your right you will see an inset panel with manual filterwheel control buttons. There are 7 buttons, each of which sends the filter wheel to an unload position.

We have found the most efficient method of filter installation and scanning is as follows:

When all filters are loaded and scanned, the task is complete. If dremel does not buzz in acknowledgement of scanning, or if the bargun doesn't work, you will need to consult the Troubleshooting Guide to sort things out.
De Clarke