Documents relevant to the DEIMOS Software CDR

The Critical Design Review for software on the DEIMOS project was 1997 June 16. Various documents and drawings are available here.
The Software CDR as HTML
This was converted using LaTeX2HTML. There may be some rough spots in the translation. It will evolve as we update its content.
The Software CDR as gzipped PostScript
This will evolve as we update its content.
Lick Observatory Technical Report #80 as HTML
This contains the detailed lists of KTL keywords and database schemata for DEIMOS. It was converted using LaTeX2HTML. It is now out of date. Live, online versions of some components are available below, along with a page that describes how these reports are generated live from the database of memes. Be patient, some of these require significant work by the database engine.
Dictionary of DEIMOS keywords
Database schema for Keywords (memes)
Database schema for System Design
Database schema for Glass
Database schema for CCD Detectors
Database schema for Mask Design
Database schema for Mask Fabrication
Database schema for Operation
Database schema for Calibration
Lick Observatory Technical Report #80 as gzipped PostScript
This is currently out of date and will likely remain so until the instrument is shipped to Hawaii. Use the live online form above.
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