DEIMOS : DEep Imaging Multi-Object Spectrograph


DEIMOS was built at UCO/Lick Observatory in Santa Cruz, CA. It was installed on the Keck II telescope in spring of 2002 and saw first light on June 3. Software for the instrument was written by the UCO/Lick Scientific Programming Group and by Dr. A. C. Phillips. Members of the SPG during the DEIMOS effort were: R. Kibrick, D. Clarke, S. Allen, W. Deich, G. D. Tucker, and M. McVeigh.


DEIMOS Masks: design, manufacture and use
DEIMOS Instrument Configuration, draft documents


SPIE 2002 Kona
ADASS 2002 Baltimore
S Allen et al., tbd


These are various documents prepared during the planning and construction of DEIMOS.

GUI Day Results
Report on the DEIMOS GUI Review Day (1997 Dec 16)
The DEIMOS Software Critical Design Review
The software CDR was held 1997 June 16. Almost all of the text is available via this link.
The DEIMOS Software Preliminary Design Review
The software PDR was held 1996 March 22. Almost all of the text is available via this link.
The Database of FITS Keywords, Data Structures, and Flows
The content of a paper presented by De Clarke at ADASS 96.
The Engineering Shop Page
Heather Mietz is maintaining a page for the mechanical, electrical, and optical aspects of the design and construction.

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