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1 Introduction and Overview

1.1 Highlights of CDR Document

This section provides an overview of the CDR document which consists of the following five parts:

Since the document is very long, we list here the sections to which we would particularly like to direct the review board's attention. We hope that all board members will have a chance to read these essential sections prior to the CDR.

The remaining portions of this CDR document are less important. In particular, parts III and IV consist of supplementary material:

In addition to the five parts of this CDR document, we have also produced a preliminary draft of Lick Observatory Technical Report ???: The DEIMOS Keyword and Database Dictionary. This report (commonly referred to as LOTR ??? or ``The Dictionary") provides a dictionary defining all of the DEIMOS keywords and database tables. Example pages from this dictionary are included in section I.3.4 of this document. However, due to its large size, we are not including LOTR ??? as part of the pre-CDR distribution of documents to the review board. Copies of LOTR ??? will be available for inspection at the CDR. An on-line copy of LOTR ??? will be available on or before June 13 via the WWW at the following URL: deimos/lotrxxx.html

For those reviewing this dictionary, remember that it is automatically generated from the data contained within the various tables of the DEIMOS database, using the document generation tools which are described in section I.7.1.1. Not all data are complete, but the dictionary currently represents approximately 80% of its finished equivalent.

1.2 Overall System Summary

This section provides a global overview of the DEIMOS software system. It includes two diagrams showing all of the major subsystems and their interconnectivity (see Figures 1.1 and 1.2).

The DEIMOS system consists of the following major software subsystems, which are described in the indicated sections of this report.

Figure 1.1:   Overall system data flows

Figure 1.2:   KTL User Tools data flows

1.3 Changes to the Instrument

  The basic optical properties and capabilities of DEIMOS were described in Chapter 2 of the Software PDR Report tex2html_wrap_inline5637 deimos/swpdrtc.html presented on March 22, 1996. We list here the significant changes that have occurred since then that are relevant to software development.

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